Author Topic: Got a problem with OE when using groups with many posts per day?  (Read 10945 times)


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If you get to a problem when using yDecode with Outlook Express that after a while one newsgroup cannot be read anymore and new headers cannot be downloaded please note that this is an Outlook Express issue and not yDecode. Do not modify any configuration, both OE and yDecode are still working and the solution is very easy. Also note that this issue may come up even if you are not using yDecode at all so it is purely OE problem.

The folder data simply filled up with older messages and as OE didn't delete them (on most systems it will delete them automatically) this is only for systems where it doesn't do so - if you modified OE configuration.

To fix this issue:

1. Right click on the newsgroup that causes problems
2. Select properties from the menu
3. Click on "local file"
4. Press "Reset" button to remove old messages (select yes on dialog afterwards)
5. Press "Compact" button to clean up the newsgroup folder data

After this press OK in Outlook Express and click again on newsgroup you had issues with. New messages should download normally now.

When on "local file" tab you may notice the folder size - if it reaches 1,99 GB OE will start the above behavior (I assume it has 2 GB limit for folder size). yDecode automatically cleans up its own cache so this problem will not appear in yDecode itself.

If your folder data is constantly below 1,99 GB and if OE on your system automatically cleans up folder data, you will probably never experience this problem at all so you may ignore this notification.
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