Author Topic: yDecode v1.50 beta 2 (Vista compatible) for registered users only released  (Read 11309 times)


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yDecode v1.50 beta 2 has been released.

No new features have been added in this release - this is only bug fix release.
Except bug fixes there are also few inconsistency fixes (error messages, text boxes, etc.) and generally this one is preferred over the last version beta.
Final version is now just around the corner. Also, when the final version is released the demo version will be updated as well.

To update to this beta, simply re-download the 1.50 version from registered user pages (it will be different binary even though the version number is the same). Run it and it will overwrite the old version. If you haven't downloaded beta 1 you will be downloading beta 2 automatically.

We recommend you delete the old beta 1 executable file to avoid the confusion.

Starting with this release, bug reports are now welcome for version 1.50 as there are only minor fixes left.
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