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received email
« on: May 30, 2007, 08:33:44 PM »
i received your email please send password


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Re: received email
« Reply #1 on: May 30, 2007, 10:28:41 PM »
Update: I just checked and looks like you logged in to download full version - let us know if you have any future questions.

We're trying to reach you by email and we sent at least 7 emails from different email accounts by now, but you're not receiving them or the emails are being filtered by your spam-filter software. Also the password recovery emails were also sent but obviously you didn't receive them either. They all were filtered out incorrectly as spam and probably ended up in your spam inbox.

Please make sure you check your spam inbox (this is also written in the first sentence of the order page and the email you did receive from Plimus as you quoted from it). I also sent you a personal message on the forum - please check it.

If you don't understand something just follow up on this message just don't post any personal details on the forum except in personal messages.

A related note to everybody else reading this:

  • Please leave additional (alternative) email while ordering - the box is not there for no reason and we always use it if we see a user does not log in to dowload full version for too long. We reply within 24-48 hours (in most times in much less, but never more) so if no email from us perhaps it is time to suspect your spam filtering software. Do not leave the same email in the alterative email box - that makes no sense.
  • Please do read the instructions (we did outline it in red color) on the last order page.
  • Please use this forum to contact us whenever you have problems with email delivery (do not post any private details on public forum - use private messages on the forum). There hasn't been a single email we haven't answered so far! We usually bend over our back to get the email delivered but in the variety of spam-filters we cannot get past each and every one of them - therefore alternative email address and the forum.
  • We do not know if the email has been delivered to you or filtered by spam-filter - we only know if there has been an error in delivery (such as invalid email address). Ensuring that you have no filtering for our emails (adding our email address to whitelist for example) or checking your spam inbox is the best way you ensure your email delivery. The same also goes for user support questions.

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