Author Topic: Minor problem with the uninstaller and quick workaround  (Read 10132 times)


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Minor problem with the uninstaller and quick workaround
« on: July 03, 2007, 03:04:56 AM »
Update: This issue has been fixed in yDecode 1.51 which is released now so this workaround is no longer necessary.

Looks like we have a small problem with the uninstaller that affects yDecode version 1.50.

If you turn on the option start minimized and try to uninstall the software it will "freeze" in the uninstaller.

The problem is minor and the fix is easy - when the uninstall reaches the "freeze" point - just look in the system tray (area near the computer clock) and look for yDecode icon. Then either click on it with left mouse button (yDecode will then exit and uninstaller will continue) or right click on it and select option Exit from the context menu - the same thing will happen as with the left mouse button click.

yDecode has an option to return settings of Outlook Express and Windows Mail to normal during the uninstaller and normally it exits automatically when it does this but apparently this does not occur when the start minimized option is enabled. This normally goes without notice because it returns the settings and exits immediately but in this case it can stop and wait for manual user input.

Of course, we'll release a quick fix that resolves this issue very soon.
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