Author Topic: yDecode 1.51 released  (Read 9847 times)


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yDecode 1.51 released
« on: July 16, 2007, 01:18:40 AM »
yDecode 1.51 is available for download for both demo and registered version.

Some minor bugs have been fixed. Next version will have new features.


yDecode 1.51:

- fixed a problem with the uninstaller when returning account settings to normal
- Test Config now starts even if the NNTP server name field is empty (but it can only test news accounts in that case)

Minor update - 02-Aug-2007

Version 1.51 demo is re-released (version number is the same, only the binary exe differs) with updated uninstaller which is now capable of removing yDecode cache files on Windows Vista. Except this, the functionality on other versions of Windows and the main program file are unaffected therefore the version number remains the same.
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