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help with specific post group
« on: May 27, 2008, 04:16:39 PM »
I'm a new user of this software. It serves me very well. Except I'm having trouble with it not working with posts of one particular prolific poster on one of the groups a read.  I have set everything on the software just as instructed, but I can't get these posts so I can view them. Can someone look at this and let me know if there's a fix I'm just not seeing?

The group is..
The poster is
Ornery Bob

You'll find a lot of examples to look at there.  Thanks in advance for the help.


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Re: help with specific post group
« Reply #1 on: May 28, 2008, 01:10:50 AM »
I took a look. The message you refer to is probably the one that has the following in the subject line:

Something - Jaylee1.mpg.001 (01/42)
Something - Jaylee1.mpg.001 (02/42)
Something - Jaylee1.mpg.001 (42/42)

then follows by:

Something - Jaylee1.mpg.002 (01/42)
Something - Jaylee1.mpg.002 (02/42)

This is a single (rather large) MPG (mpeg-2) file. It consists of 59 parts, and each of these 59 parts consists of 42 sub-parts.

Each part is a MPG file containing about 21 seconds of video. While yDecode can join automatically things like 01/42 + 02/42 + 03/42... until 42/42 into single Jaylee1.mpg.001 file - the thing I call Subparts above. Unfortunately I don't know of software that can automatically recognize parts further without hassle. All Usenet programs and yDecode as well go as far as sub-parts thing but not the other - because this is hardly any standard way of posting a file - that person is not posting compliant to usual Usenet standards. Normally it would look like Jaylee1.mpg (0001/2478), then Jaylee1.mpg (0002/2478) which would be more "standard" (2478 is by the way multiple of 42 and 59 :)

However, there is a solution. If you are using Outlook Express (or Windows Mail) you may do this.

It will be a bit more complicated but follow this closely:

1. First click the "headers" button, enough times so that all the headers are cached in yDecode. This is very important. You can set this one click to retrieve up to 1000 headers (go in OE to Tools/Options, click Read tab and under news increase the limit. If you uncheck it it will download all headers but this is not recommended for very large groups with millions of posts). If you set it to 1000 - you have to click "headers" button about 5-6 times (the post has about 2800 parts so 3 clicks are enough but as it is few days old now, click it a few more times to make sure all headers are retrieved).

2. Now mark all the messages starting with Jaylee1.mpg.001 (01/42) up to Jaylee1.mpg.059 (42/42). This will be a lot of messages. Use Shift and/or CTRL keys to mark multiple messages.

3. Choose from the main menu: Tools / Mark for offline / Download messages later. This will mark all the selected messages.

4. Now choose again from the menu: Tools / Synchronize newsgroup. Check the "get messages marked for download". And click OK.

5. Download starts and all the messages are retrieved into OE.

6. Once it finishes you can check the messages - as yDecode was doing stuff it should look like this:

All the 01/42 messages (001, 002.. etc.) should have paperclip icon (indicating a file). The rest will have the message: "This article is part of multipart post. Please click on first part to download all parts as single article." (all the 02/42 up to 42/42). If you got to this - great!

7. Now select only the first ones - (the ones with paperclips that is) - so select Jaylee1.mpg.001 (01/42), then select Jaylee1.mpg.002 (01/42) and up to the 059 and save them all to a same location on disk.

You should have all the split parts in single folder. So the folder should contain files:

Each one is about 14,9 MB. That gives you 59 files - total of about 879 MB - this is how large the original file (Jaylee1.mpg) should be if it wouldn't be split.

Now you have to merge these binary files into a single binary file. You can do this using the command prompt "copy" command (copy /b Jaylee1.mpg.001 + Jaylee1.mpg.002 + Jaylee1.mpg.003... Jaylee1.mpg) but if you don't have idea what I'm talking about - I recommend you use some software for that. Quick google search reveals this -

I hope this helps you. I know it is a tough guide but if you follow it carefully it will work. Fortunately, there are no much of such non-standard posts.

And now for some shameless self promotion - Easy Post software you can download on our site can automatically post files on the Usenet with all the standards that are usual for Usenet automatically without any setup or hassle. yDecode of course is fully compatible with that.
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