Author Topic: yDecode will not find my server  (Read 10738 times)


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yDecode will not find my server
« on: July 20, 2008, 02:03:09 AM »
I configured everything as requested but when testing the connection yDecode can't find the news server or Outlook Express can't find yDecode. Can anyone help? Thanks!
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Re: yDecode will not find my server
« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2008, 10:47:43 PM »
If yDecode can't find the server even in "test config" then perhaps you might want to take a look at the error code it prints out (it may be a timeout, inability to resolve the name etc.). If it cannot "find the server" as you describe - this may happen due to more than one reasons out of which the following are most likely:

- you typed in the server name incorrectly - the server name is usually in the form but it may be a bit different as well. Check if the server name is correct. Try to connect to it without yDecode (e.g. directly in Outlook Express) to check the name. Then - copy-paste the name back to yDecode to make sure that it is typed in correctly.

- also check if you put in the proper port number - 119 is standard one for non-SSL and 563 is standard one for SSL. Of course check the SSL box in yDecode if your server requires SSL connection. Note that most servers don't require SSL so this is more like an exception than a rule - so you should probably use port 119 and uncheck SSL - but you should know what exact setting should go into this box - your server / Internet provider can tell you this setting.

- if the connection without yDecode works well - then most probably the problem may be in software firewall installed on your computer. Other programs that may fall into this category are "antivirus", "firewall", "anti-spyware" or similar type of programs. yDecode works properly with them if they are configured correctly but some of them may have too sensitive settings or you may simply have to add yDecode into "allowed programs" list that will unblock it to connect to the server properly. On a clean system with no additional programs yDecode of course works properly. Once you've made some changes to your system configuration (e.g. disabled firewall program to test if that will work) press "test config" again to re-test the connection until you get a success. If you discover by disabling a firewall that it causes a problem - you can re-enable it and tweak its settings and find the setting that causes yDecode not to work with the server and change its value so that it can work when the firewall is enabled.

Please try some of these tips and it may help you discover the cause of the problem. Of course, feel free to follow up with additional information.
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