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yDecode General Discussion / Easy Post 3.0 (final) released
« on: May 31, 2009, 06:31:08 PM »
New version of the easiest to use Usenet posting software is released!


Easy Post 3.0:

- A number of bugs have been fixed from earlier releases (memory allocation, incorrect posting, incorrect resume mode if there was a posting error and many others)

- Posting functions rewritten from scratch - now it accepts very large files

- Improved GUI compatibility with Windows Vista (and probably also with yet unreleased Windows 7)

- Fixed connection issue with servers that require login (username and password)

- Improved calculation of remaining time and fixed bugs with percentage calculation


One of the common problems beginners get with SSL enabled servers and yDecode is that they apparently configure everything correctly (no problems in "test config") but the system doesn't work.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not use SSL if your server does not require it - it will not be any better if you enable it - in fact - it won't work at all!

If this may be the case for you as well please make sure that the following configuration is met:


1. Set Remote Server to your server name - e.g.
2. Set Remote Port to 563
3. Check the SSL box to enable SSL connection
4. Set Local Port to 119

Outlook Express, Windows Mail or other newsreader

1. Set server name to localhost (or
2. Set port to 119 (same as local port above)
3. UNCHECK SSL option in Outlook Express or other newsreader

This will result in unencrypted (non-SSL) connection on your machine but encrypted connection to the actual server.

The key here is to uncheck the SSL option in your newsreader because yDecode cannot (and does not need to) accept encrypted connections and they are also not needed locally (SSL connections are slower than non-SSL ones). But it can use SSL with remote servers.

If you experience an issue with SSL enabled server try the above configuration - it should work.

18 will be undergoing some changes in the next few days/weeks. You will see some differences "here and there". We will try to maintain the same basic concept but the functionality will be increased.

The goal is to provide you with better experience, faster loading and better looking web site to serve better the needs of our loyal customers.

We will of course do detailed testing of how it looks and its functionality as we always do - but if you experience some problem with the web site or something looks odd, please let us know so we can correct it quickly.

We updated download links with final version which fixes this and a number of other bugs. Please retry the download with the new version which should now work on your server as well.

I think we found the bug, thanks to your helpful log - we also found a few of our own - so I guess we'll have a beta version prepared in a couple of days which will work entirely. The problem was minor - in handling the output of server responses so it's also easy to fix.

However, it was not really "our" bug. Easy Post was handing stuff properly.

The server in question - is sending INCORRECT codes. 201 code which it sends on login means "no posting allowed". Obviously if no posting is allowed Easy Post being a posting software has nothing to do there and quits.

You may say - yes, but it should be allowed only after login - well - on properly written server, 200 code (posting allowed) should be sent on connection regardless if user is logged in or not or if it does require login or not - and only when the posting is attempted but user is not logged in before doing that - the server would return "error" code. At least that's how it should be done with a proper server.

I just tried a few more servers that also require authentication and they all without exception return proper "200" code on connection - so is the one to blaim here. Perhaps maybe a few others as well.

So we'll put a little bit of "tolerance" to such faulty messages that may come from server to avoid such cases in the future. Anyway, it should work with next release thanks to new built-in tolerance.

yDecode General Discussion / Easy Post 3.0 Alpha 1 released
« on: April 26, 2009, 03:43:24 AM »
UPDATE: 2009-05-31 - Easy Post 3.0 final released.

Anyone interested in testing Easy Post 3.0 (alpha version) can do so by downloading from the following location:

Download here:

If no bugs are found in this version this will be also a release version. Only the help files will be updated in the installation program.

Note that this download link is only temporary until the program is tested enough. Feel free to post bug reports or contact us on contact form for bug reports or feedback.

Version 2.5 remains the active release until we test this enough, even though, this release is probably much more stable than the 2.5.

Shorter list of changes (more detailed list to come):

Easy Post 3.0:

- A number of bugs have been fixed from earlier releases (memory allocation and a number of others)

- Posting functions rewritten from scratch - now it accepts very large files

- Improved GUI compatibility with Windows Vista

Thanks for your feedback Helen.

Please stay tuned, new version of Easy Post (v3.0) is about to be released in a couple of days (we are currently debugging it and implementing fixed features). Version 2.5 had quite a lot of bugs and hopefully most of them if not all will be fixed with 3.0 release. We know of a lot of bugs since 2.5 release so it makes no sense to debug something related with 2.5 now. 3.0 should be much more stable and bug-fixed than any Easy Post release so far.

I will notify you on your email if you want and of course make a post on this forum as well.

yDecode General Discussion / yDecode and "hosts" file corruption
« on: March 21, 2009, 02:36:41 PM »
Recently we received 2 almost identical user support issues where yDecode appeared to be configured correctly (no errors in "Test Config") and no firewall was blocking it but still - it wasn't working - Windows Mail reported "Unable to connect to server" - an error which may also happen if you close yDecode window but of course in this case yDecode was running.

This may happen on rare occasions when Windows hosts file is corrupted. I am unsure why this may happen but I suspect it is a malicious software activity or badly written anti-virus software trying to "protect" you.

hosts file is a small text file in Windows folder (usually C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts) which contains host names and associated IP addresses that will be resolved locally on your computer without going to DNS server. One of the lines includes associating localhost which yDecode needs to function with the IP address which are both practically the same thing. If malicious software or antivirus removes this line or damages it, then placing localhost instead of server name will not work and you will get "Unable to connect to server" error.

This can be easily fixed by putting instead of localhost because IP addresses don't need to be resolved but are directly used for connections. Better method is to return hosts file to original and include the line
Code: [Select]   localhost

Even though hosts file corruption may happen rarely, once it happens if you know this info it may save you a lot of hours of figuring out what exactly is wrong. If you find out that yDecode stopped working and that replacing server name localhost with fixes the problem, then almost certainly hosts file has been damaged. In this case I recommend you scan your computer for malicious software - spyware or viruses using anti-spyware and anti-virus tools.

To make troubleshooting easier, I already added this to yDecode online help - "troubleshooting" section.

yDecode General Discussion / Re: yDecode will not find my server
« on: July 29, 2008, 10:47:43 PM »
If yDecode can't find the server even in "test config" then perhaps you might want to take a look at the error code it prints out (it may be a timeout, inability to resolve the name etc.). If it cannot "find the server" as you describe - this may happen due to more than one reasons out of which the following are most likely:

- you typed in the server name incorrectly - the server name is usually in the form but it may be a bit different as well. Check if the server name is correct. Try to connect to it without yDecode (e.g. directly in Outlook Express) to check the name. Then - copy-paste the name back to yDecode to make sure that it is typed in correctly.

- also check if you put in the proper port number - 119 is standard one for non-SSL and 563 is standard one for SSL. Of course check the SSL box in yDecode if your server requires SSL connection. Note that most servers don't require SSL so this is more like an exception than a rule - so you should probably use port 119 and uncheck SSL - but you should know what exact setting should go into this box - your server / Internet provider can tell you this setting.

- if the connection without yDecode works well - then most probably the problem may be in software firewall installed on your computer. Other programs that may fall into this category are "antivirus", "firewall", "anti-spyware" or similar type of programs. yDecode works properly with them if they are configured correctly but some of them may have too sensitive settings or you may simply have to add yDecode into "allowed programs" list that will unblock it to connect to the server properly. On a clean system with no additional programs yDecode of course works properly. Once you've made some changes to your system configuration (e.g. disabled firewall program to test if that will work) press "test config" again to re-test the connection until you get a success. If you discover by disabling a firewall that it causes a problem - you can re-enable it and tweak its settings and find the setting that causes yDecode not to work with the server and change its value so that it can work when the firewall is enabled.

Please try some of these tips and it may help you discover the cause of the problem. Of course, feel free to follow up with additional information.

yDecode General Discussion / Re: MPG files
« on: July 05, 2008, 06:23:31 AM »
What exactly doesn't work - doesn't download well (you get incomplete file or something) or doesn't work after you download it and try to play it back and then the player reports some error?

In any case - yDecode doesn't care what file type you download. It decodes yEnc but think of yEnc as a wrapper which contains any particular file format like JPG, AVI, WMV or MPG in your example.

So the problem with MPG files not working is not with yDecode - especially if WMV and AVI files work properly.

You may have downloaded incomplete file or you lack some of the headers in the download (either you didn't download them so yDecode cannot join the file, or they don't exist on the server). Furthermore it may not be yEnc encoded (check if the word yEnc is somewhere in the subject line). In case if it isn't yEnc - then you may need to save the file by clicking the paperclip attachment icon in your Outlook Express, Windows Mail (or whatever other newsreader you may use).

Finally, and most probably the case - you may lack the codec required to playback the file. Maybe you have some codecs installed but if you miss a particular one - that file type may not be playable in media player or whatever player you use to view the files.

I suggest you install some codec pack - the one I use is K-Lite codec pack - google these search keywords as there are several download locations to get it from. I also recommend you try the file with "Windows Media Player Classic" - again you may google for this software download - it usually goes hand in hand with K-lite codecs. WMP classic handles MPG files internally - MPG1 (older type) and MPG2 (DVD format type). MPG4 is usually contained in WMV or AVI file but can sometimes also have MP4 extension.

yDecode General Discussion / Re: yDecode for Linux (Ubuntu)
« on: June 26, 2008, 09:40:44 PM »
Not at the moment and most probably not anytime soon. While Windows version is being developed continually - Linux users are mostly not interested in yDecode because there are no programs like Outlook Express or Windows Mail on Linux. In fact, it's a whole new philosophy to use Linux instead of Windows so you'll probably have to make yourself get used to Ubuntu especially if you've been long-time Windows user. Furthermore you will probably need at least an alternative boot system like Windows because there are simply a lot of programs missing on Linux that exist on Windows (I'm not advocating Windows, in fact I use Ubuntu myself as a secondary OS but many of the programs I really need are not there and the "replacements" are simply not good enough).

yDecode General Discussion / Re: help with specific post group
« on: May 28, 2008, 01:10:50 AM »
I took a look. The message you refer to is probably the one that has the following in the subject line:

Something - Jaylee1.mpg.001 (01/42)
Something - Jaylee1.mpg.001 (02/42)
Something - Jaylee1.mpg.001 (42/42)

then follows by:

Something - Jaylee1.mpg.002 (01/42)
Something - Jaylee1.mpg.002 (02/42)

This is a single (rather large) MPG (mpeg-2) file. It consists of 59 parts, and each of these 59 parts consists of 42 sub-parts.

Each part is a MPG file containing about 21 seconds of video. While yDecode can join automatically things like 01/42 + 02/42 + 03/42... until 42/42 into single Jaylee1.mpg.001 file - the thing I call Subparts above. Unfortunately I don't know of software that can automatically recognize parts further without hassle. All Usenet programs and yDecode as well go as far as sub-parts thing but not the other - because this is hardly any standard way of posting a file - that person is not posting compliant to usual Usenet standards. Normally it would look like Jaylee1.mpg (0001/2478), then Jaylee1.mpg (0002/2478) which would be more "standard" (2478 is by the way multiple of 42 and 59 :)

However, there is a solution. If you are using Outlook Express (or Windows Mail) you may do this.

It will be a bit more complicated but follow this closely:

1. First click the "headers" button, enough times so that all the headers are cached in yDecode. This is very important. You can set this one click to retrieve up to 1000 headers (go in OE to Tools/Options, click Read tab and under news increase the limit. If you uncheck it it will download all headers but this is not recommended for very large groups with millions of posts). If you set it to 1000 - you have to click "headers" button about 5-6 times (the post has about 2800 parts so 3 clicks are enough but as it is few days old now, click it a few more times to make sure all headers are retrieved).

2. Now mark all the messages starting with Jaylee1.mpg.001 (01/42) up to Jaylee1.mpg.059 (42/42). This will be a lot of messages. Use Shift and/or CTRL keys to mark multiple messages.

3. Choose from the main menu: Tools / Mark for offline / Download messages later. This will mark all the selected messages.

4. Now choose again from the menu: Tools / Synchronize newsgroup. Check the "get messages marked for download". And click OK.

5. Download starts and all the messages are retrieved into OE.

6. Once it finishes you can check the messages - as yDecode was doing stuff it should look like this:

All the 01/42 messages (001, 002.. etc.) should have paperclip icon (indicating a file). The rest will have the message: "This article is part of multipart post. Please click on first part to download all parts as single article." (all the 02/42 up to 42/42). If you got to this - great!

7. Now select only the first ones - (the ones with paperclips that is) - so select Jaylee1.mpg.001 (01/42), then select Jaylee1.mpg.002 (01/42) and up to the 059 and save them all to a same location on disk.

You should have all the split parts in single folder. So the folder should contain files:

Each one is about 14,9 MB. That gives you 59 files - total of about 879 MB - this is how large the original file (Jaylee1.mpg) should be if it wouldn't be split.

Now you have to merge these binary files into a single binary file. You can do this using the command prompt "copy" command (copy /b Jaylee1.mpg.001 + Jaylee1.mpg.002 + Jaylee1.mpg.003... Jaylee1.mpg) but if you don't have idea what I'm talking about - I recommend you use some software for that. Quick google search reveals this -

I hope this helps you. I know it is a tough guide but if you follow it carefully it will work. Fortunately, there are no much of such non-standard posts.

And now for some shameless self promotion - Easy Post software you can download on our site can automatically post files on the Usenet with all the standards that are usual for Usenet automatically without any setup or hassle. yDecode of course is fully compatible with that.

yDecode General Discussion / yDecode 1.63 released
« on: May 12, 2008, 06:44:14 PM »
yDecode 1.63 demo and full version have been released.

Minor update and bug fixes.


yDecode 1.63:

- added "make new folder" button in browse for folder dialog (dump attachments option)
- fixed form graphics that had top part cut-off on Windows Vista with Cleartype font smoothing enabled

This message will be updated with provider-related issues. Look here if you use some of the given providers to see if there is a know issue with them. If you see an error in this page, please contact us and let us know so we can update this.


UPDATED NOTE: AT&T doesn't offer alt.binaries access anymore. Click here to view a good alternative server.

AT&T news server ( for DSL users and for dial-up users) is one of the rare ones that requires SSL connection. Automatic configuration wizard takes that into account so if possible follow that route. If you are configuring yDecode manually make sure that the following configuration is met:

1. The appropriate server name must be typed into the NNTP Server Name box in yDecode
2. SSL checkbox needs to be checked in yDecode
3. yDecode Remote Port needs to be 563 (standard port for SSL)
4. In Outlook Express (or Windows Mail) news account settings - set the server name to localhost and uncheck the SSL setting. Unchecking the SSL will change the port number to standard which is 119. Make sure that the same value is in yDecode Local Port setting. By default, yDecode should already have Local Port setting set to 119 therefore that should work.


Cox news server is determined by your location - take a look here:

Select your location from the drop-down menu on above link and depending on your location your server may be or - So on the above page, select your location and that will give you the appropriate server name you should use. This is the server name that goes into NNTP Server Name box in yDecode. Cox news server is a standard one and uses port 119 for connection so that is also the value you need in yDecode (it is a default value).

Shaw cable users (Canada)

Shaw uses alias names like mail, news, shawmail or shawnews for accessing their mail and news servers. As yDecode needs news server name as well you might experience a problem when connecting to such server names like news or shawnews (mail is not affected as yDecode doesn't work with email). If you have problems - please try to replace the names like news or shawnews with fully qualified server name as suggested on this page:

Simply select the area which is closest to your location and read the server name. For example if you live in Calgary - you should use as server name instead of shawnews or news. Have in mind that the tool above will only give you server names for shawmail so you have to replace the first part shawmail with shawnews like in this example. Use the given server name in yDecode of course.

yDecode General Discussion / yDecode 1.62 released
« on: December 26, 2007, 08:04:42 PM »
yDecode 1.62 demo and full version have been released.

If you already have one of the following versions installed - 1.60 or 1.61 you can easily upgrade your full version simply by running full version installer which will overwrite the existing version.

If you are running some previous version like 1.51 or below, then do a full uninstall and then reinstall from scratch. This is required to include the SSL libraries that were shipped with 1.60 (for this reason everyone that installed 1.60 does not need to do the whole thing over again).

Only a minor bug fixes this time. yDecode 1.62 is quite stable now so it replaces all previous stable versions.

We wish you the best wishes for the upcoming New Year 2008!


yDecode 1.62:

- fixed a bug with wrapping message counters in multipart detection

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