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Title: yDecode 1.70 released (Mozilla Thunderbird support)
Post by: yDecode on February 26, 2010, 12:37:30 AM
yDecode 1.70 has been released.

yDecode wizard for automatic configuration (Auto-Config button) and Test Config now support Mozilla Thunderbird. It also supports Mozilla Thunderbird profiles and searches all accounts under all your profiles similar to Outlook Express identities.


We encountered some limitations with Mozilla Thunderbird so I'm outlining them here.

First of all,  Mozilla Thunderbird does not support having more than one account with identical settings. So, you cannot set 2 accounts to have localhost as a server name. Therefore we had to limit our wizard to allow configuring only one account as localhost (of course without affecting the multi-account functionality for other newsreaders). If you use more than one accounts you will be able to auto-configure only one of them using the wizard.

First version could auto-configure all accounts and warned you when you wanted to auto-configure more than one account (offered Yes/No choice) - but if you allowed that to happen ("Yes"), these accounts would disappear in Mozilla Thunderbird. So we figured it would be the best for a beginner to avoid any hacks and limit wizard to only one account.

If however you are advanced user, you probably don't need the wizard for auto-configuring your accounts. In this case there are 2 ways how you can overcome Mozilla Thunderbird limitation of having only one account with unique settings.

First method is to set one account to localhost and another to - these are essentially the same thing. This way you can have 2 accounts but no more. Second method involves that you create new profiles - now each profile can have 2 accounts like in the first method. But of course this means you'll have to switch profiles. To create profile go to start menu and run Mozilla like this: thunderbird.exe -ProfileManager

Most users will not need more than a single newsgroups account so they should be just fine with the wizard as it is. But if you do have some suggestions regarding this - feel free to let us know - we're open to good suggestions!

Download demo on download page and full version on registered user page.

Changes since last release:

yDecode 1.70: