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yDecode 1.50 final version has been released.

The demo version has been updated as well. Some help files are out of date but this will be fixed in the coming days and the changes are only minor.

Feel free to install latest update over the previous version betas or any other previous version. Download latest version installer and run it. It will overwrite all previous versions you may have installed. Installer is more automated now and should be able to automatically close running yDecode, delete it, overwrite it or do whatever is necessary to install new version. If you however, get into trouble - feel free to contact us and let us know.

List of changes follows:

yDecode 1.50:

- fixed compatibility issues with Windows Vista (both 32 and 64 bit editions)
- fixed compatibility issues with Windows Mail (Outlook Express successor on Windows Vista)
- added Auto-Config button - it automatically recognizes both Outlook Express and Windows Mail accounts and is integrated within the main program
- removed the Outlook Express wizard (Auto-Config button is now its replacement, it is also better and more compatible than the old wizard)
- completely rewritten demo version and full version installer (to improve the compatibility and to simplify the installation)
- fixed a bug that caused yDecode dump option to crash when unusual filename was encountered
- more bug fixes in dump binary attachments option

yDecode v1.50 beta 2 has been released.

No new features have been added in this release - this is only bug fix release.
Except bug fixes there are also few inconsistency fixes (error messages, text boxes, etc.) and generally this one is preferred over the last version beta.
Final version is now just around the corner. Also, when the final version is released the demo version will be updated as well.

To update to this beta, simply re-download the 1.50 version from registered user pages (it will be different binary even though the version number is the same). Run it and it will overwrite the old version. If you haven't downloaded beta 1 you will be downloading beta 2 automatically.

We recommend you delete the old beta 1 executable file to avoid the confusion.

Starting with this release, bug reports are now welcome for version 1.50 as there are only minor fixes left.

yDecode 1.50 beta 1 version has been released on the registered user pages.

This version is Windows Vista compatible and Windows Mail (Outlook Express successor on Windows Vista) compatible.

Generally, this version is not yet in its full stable form but it should work better than older version on Windows Vista. There are still known issues (for example with the Dump binary attachments to file option) that don't work as expected - but most of other things should work well. Please do not report bugs for this version yet - at least until we fix the known ones. When the final version is released then the bug reports for 1.50 are welcome. Also bug reports for 1.42 are welcome as well because there may be an issue from 1.42 that was carried over to 1.50 as well (currently we don't have one that we know of).

If you use Windows XP or some older version of Windows we do not recommend this version - this release is only intended for Windows Vista. The final version though will be preferred over the 1.42 version on all Windows, including both XP and Vista.

Changes list so far in v1.50:

- fixed compatibility issues with Windows Vista (both 32 and 64 bit editions)
- fixed compatibility issues with Windows Mail (Outlook Express successor on Windows Vista)
- added AutoConfig button - it automatically recognizes both Outlook Express and Windows Mail accounts and is integrated within the main program
- removed the Outlook Express wizard (AutoConfig button is now its replacement - it is also better and more compatible than the old wizard)
- completely rewritten demo version and full version installer (to improve the compatibility and to simplify the installation)
- fixed a bug that caused yDecode dump option to crash when unusual filename was encountered
- more bug fixes in dump binary attachments option

As usual, it can be downloaded from the registered user page.

I tried current version myself and it does work on Windows Vista (both x86 and x64, Ultimate edition) but it must be run in Administrator mode. There is nothing that cannot really work in old version on Vista except a few registry keys that are stored on locations that are now forbidden to write on Vista (but were normal to use on XP, in fact we used the keys that many other programs use as well so we didn't thought that Microsoft will suddenly decide to forbid writing to those locations - as a result many other programs also need updated versions including some Microsoft programs!). So enabling Administrator mode does nothing special except allowing yDecode to store its configuration data in that part of the registry. Of course the issue of manual configuration is still there but like I wrote above, this will be solved with release of new version.

New version which is near completion stores configurations on different locations that are allowed by Vista as well as previous versions of Windows and does not require to be run in Administrator mode.

If you have a problem running the current version please contact me using the email contact form ( and I'll be glad to walk you through or troubleshoot the problems or issues you are having until you have it running. Or... you may wait few more days until we release the Vista compatible version (which will be version 1.5).

Update March 23, 2007: Consider the following post obsolete as Windows Vista compatible version is released. The following is being kept for archival purposes.

Update March 05, 2007: Online help is now partially updated with Windows Mail screenshots for added clarity even though the setup remains identical like with Outlook Express. Final version is  near completion, all the major problems are solved we're now polishing it for the release.

Do/will you support Windows Vista and Windows Mail?

YES - new version is on the way and will be released in matter of days. You can safely plan your upgrade to Vista if you want to do so. We are currently testing new version and it will be compatible with all editions of Vista (Home, Premium, Business, Ultimate...) both x86 and x64 (32 and 64 bit). New version will also support Windows Mail (it already does - but this means it will be able to auto-configure itself). New version will also have integrated auto-config tool which will replace all the current tools (Outlook Express Wizard, installer auto-config etc.) with some sort of "intelligence" for avoiding possible configuration errors - making it easier to set up, especially for beginners.

Does current version run on Windows Vista and with Windows Mail?

YES - but you need to do some little tweaks. But they won't be needed on new version in a few days - this is just a temporary guide which will be removed once the new version is released.

Here is how to run current version on Vista:

Option 1: Run as administrator

Right click the program icon and select option Run as administrator.

Option 2: Run in compatibility mode

Right click the program icon and select option Properties. In the properties window select tab Compatibility and check the checkbox "Run this program in compatibility mode" and in the box below select Windows XP (Service Pack 2).

Both options should make yDecode and Easy Post work however Windows Mail accounts in the Test Config button will still be unrecognized. Just ignore this error and configure them manually - the tutorial is on the help page - for Outlook Express - but nearly identical for Windows Mail as well.

If you have any questions you are welcome to contact us or comment this on the forum. We will notify you when new version is available on the forum as well or simply visit the web site in a few days to download the updated version.

yDecode 1.42 for registered users has been released and is already available for download on the registered user pages.

The free version remains 1.41 as the changes have no effect on it.

The main change is with the activation code which didn't work properly on some Internet connections - specifically Hughesnet bidirectional satellite DSL (formerly known as DIRECWAY).

The problem is now fixed and yDecode now works properly on the above mentioned connection as well.

As before, if you encounter any issues or have any questions do not hesitate to contact us and report the problems.

If you get to a problem when using yDecode with Outlook Express that after a while one newsgroup cannot be read anymore and new headers cannot be downloaded please note that this is an Outlook Express issue and not yDecode. Do not modify any configuration, both OE and yDecode are still working and the solution is very easy. Also note that this issue may come up even if you are not using yDecode at all so it is purely OE problem.

The folder data simply filled up with older messages and as OE didn't delete them (on most systems it will delete them automatically) this is only for systems where it doesn't do so - if you modified OE configuration.

To fix this issue:

1. Right click on the newsgroup that causes problems
2. Select properties from the menu
3. Click on "local file"
4. Press "Reset" button to remove old messages (select yes on dialog afterwards)
5. Press "Compact" button to clean up the newsgroup folder data

After this press OK in Outlook Express and click again on newsgroup you had issues with. New messages should download normally now.

When on "local file" tab you may notice the folder size - if it reaches 1,99 GB OE will start the above behavior (I assume it has 2 GB limit for folder size). yDecode automatically cleans up its own cache so this problem will not appear in yDecode itself.

If your folder data is constantly below 1,99 GB and if OE on your system automatically cleans up folder data, you will probably never experience this problem at all so you may ignore this notification.

UPDATE: - After examining the issue it turns out that this is not yDecode issue after all but Outlook Express issue. It is possible that the following things can affect the newsreading experience:

a) Having too many headers in OE where it becomes sluggish or works less good than usual
b) Having too little storage space (disk space) - usually on C: disk (boot disk)

To have these issues resolved - you can clean up OE cache on groups with a lot of articles more often manually - or you can set OE options to clean up messages automatically in its options. Also you need to make sure that you have enough disk space on the disk that stores cache which is usually C: disk.

To setup OE auto-maintenance: go to options in Outlook Express and select "Maintenance" tab. When there - take a look at option "Delete news messages ___ days after being downloaded". Reduce this number to 3 or 2 days. For binaries groups, this is still a lot of messages being stored. If you read more text groups, you can increase this setting to store the messages for more days. It all depends on your news reading habits so you'll have to find a figure that suits you the best.

To setup OE to download specific number of headers: Go to options again and select "Read" tab. Search for Get ___ headers at time option. Uncheck this option to download all headers. Set it to 100,000 for example to limit OE to downloading to 100,000 headers. Note that by changing this option you may affect yDecode multipart recognition abilities (it needs as much headers as possible to recognize multiparts). yDecode itself can work with large number of headers without significant slowdowns.

This problem is related to another post describing 2GB folder size limit of Outlook Express.

If you are not having issues with the above problem you can safely ignore this notification as there seems to be no direct bugs in yDecode.

Note that similar issues could be a problem with other newsreaders as well.

UPDATE - read the post below this one.

I received info from one user that on selected newsgroups on some very specific posts sometimes happens that the newsreader (i.e. Outlook Express) reports "message could not be displayed" error. Now, this doesn't necessarly mean it is yDecode bug, but if it is, we'd like to investigate it further just to make sure it isn't something about the server or Outlook Express. This seems to hapen very rarely and only on some newsgroups.

If you can see this or it happens to you, please let us know, contact us with the details, i.e. group name, post name etc. - and we'll try to examine if we can reproduce it ourselves. We tested yDecode on very large number of posts and we haven't found this issue yet, but it is possible that we missed something. As v1.41 is already very stable release (this is the only real bug report we got so far since its release), we'd like to remove this issue (if it is yDecode issue that is) and make it even better.

yDecode General Discussion / Re: Capturing Files
« on: October 01, 2006, 04:04:24 PM »
yDecode will store binaries only for yEnc format (both single and multipart). Note that multipart files will not be captured as series of parts but as a whole file if they can be correctly recognized as multipart and if none of the parts is missing.

Other popular formats like MIME and UU formats will be supported in future releases following 1.41. For now, you can store those manually from your newsreader.

yDecode General Discussion / yDecode v1.41 released
« on: August 12, 2006, 11:07:08 PM »
New version of yDecode has been released.

This version replaces last version (1.22) that didn't had multipart decoder, dump binary attachments and advanced "Test Config" as well as other improvements.
This version brings much improvements to stability so it is new official "stable" release.

If you wish to read all the changes since previous version please read provided ReadMe.txt that is included in the installation archive.

yDecode General Discussion / Re: Why would easypost stop while posting?
« on: August 09, 2006, 10:01:47 PM »
Update: Easy Post 2.0 has been released that fixes the bugs from version 1.0 including the ones outlined in the post above.

I'm trying to find an easier way to post large files- Agent is a pain to post multiple files- and I thought this would be an option (even though I know I'm going to get flamed for posting in yEnc), but I'm starting to have my doubts. Any ideas that might fix this problem?

Unfortunately I cannot give you support for Agent. This is after-all yDecode support forum.

Regarding Easy Post - we discovered some bugs in it and hopefully soon we'll fix them. This new release of Easy Post will address all problems we discovered in the meantime and we will also try to test it on number of servers to make sure it works well. However, any feedback or bug report is welcome.

Release of new version of Easy Post will follow after the release of new version of yDecode - v1.41 - at least this is the plan at the moment.

Update: the problem with earthlink servers has been fixed so yDecode should now also work as well.

Dear users of news servers.

We received few complaints regarding the problems yDecode reports such as:
502 Permission Denied - Service restricted to EarthLink member networks - <email stripped> (Tornado v1.0.5.360)

When pressing "Test Config" in full version.

Or simply "non-standard server response" when using "Test" button in yDecode demo.

Please be advised that this problem has nothing to do with yDecode (it only reports it) and that you need not to modify Outlook Express or yDecode configuration.
But you need to call Earthlink to ask them to fix the problem.

Feel free to add any comments to this post or post an update (i.e. when the problem is fixed).

yDecode General Discussion / What newsreader are you using?
« on: May 30, 2006, 07:46:07 PM »
If you use some other newsreader than those we propose here - reply to this post and we'll add it into the poll.

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