Author Topic: yDecode 1.69 released (Windows Live Mail support in Test Config)  (Read 14360 times)


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yDecode 1.69 has been released.

Errors and reporting in Test Config are now improved. It supports Windows Live Mail as well. The messages that Test Config can report are basically grouped into 3 categories and color-coded for easier understanding.

INFO message - tells you about something related to tests
OK message - indicates that the test has passed
ERROR message - indicates a possible problem (usually, you can use Auto-Config button to fix it).

Sample output:

INFO: Found 1 Outlook Express accounts.

ERROR: Outlook Express account 'Account' will not decode yEnc or work with yDecode.
Account settings - Server: '' - Port: 123 - SSL: No
Required settings - Server: 'localhost' - Port: 119 - SSL: No
Use Auto-Config button to configure this account automatically. Look at troubleshooting section of the help file for more info on this error.

INFO: Found 1 Windows Live Mail accounts.

OK: Windows Live Mail account 'My News Server' configured OK
Account settings - Server: 'localhost' - Port = 119 - SSL: No

INFO: Checking server connection availability. Please wait...

Download demo on download page and full version on registered user page.

Changes since last release:

yDecode 1.69:

  • added Windows Live Mail support in Test Config and improved reporting
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