Author Topic: Easy Post 3.0 Alpha 1 released  (Read 9451 times)


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Easy Post 3.0 Alpha 1 released
« on: April 26, 2009, 03:43:24 AM »
UPDATE: 2009-05-31 - Easy Post 3.0 final released.

Anyone interested in testing Easy Post 3.0 (alpha version) can do so by downloading from the following location:

Download here:

If no bugs are found in this version this will be also a release version. Only the help files will be updated in the installation program.

Note that this download link is only temporary until the program is tested enough. Feel free to post bug reports or contact us on contact form for bug reports or feedback.

Version 2.5 remains the active release until we test this enough, even though, this release is probably much more stable than the 2.5.

Shorter list of changes (more detailed list to come):

Easy Post 3.0:

- A number of bugs have been fixed from earlier releases (memory allocation and a number of others)

- Posting functions rewritten from scratch - now it accepts very large files

- Improved GUI compatibility with Windows Vista
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