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  • Decodes yEnc encoded attachments and sends them to client as UU encoded.
  • Multipart download support greatly simplifies downloading big posts that are split into many parts on news servers. yDecode allows any news client to download all parts as if it was a single article.
  • Saving yEnc attachments automatically to a folder of your choice.
  • Up to 10 independent connections. (* not 10 clients as some clients can take 2 or more connections simultaneously)
  • Monitoring of connections to yDecode.
  • Automatic configuration for Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird via wizard.
  • Filtering IP connections. Only IP-s strictly defined as "allowed" are let through. Possibility to specify a range of IP-s through wildcards (-, *), e.g. 192.168.0.* or 192.168.0-1. Connection list can be easily arranged (checking goes from top to bottom). Filter list up to 256 entries.
  • Selectable list of NNTP servers. Up to 10 servers.
  • Connection logging. See exact time when allowed (or denied) IP connected (or tried to connect) to yDecode proxy.
  • As conversion of attachments from yEnc to UU increases the overall size of an attachment, progress indicators (in application itself and in the system tray) are the ones giving the correct download progress. Progress indicators work differently in multipart mode - showing progress of entire post rather than just a single part.
    (* as yEnc posts are generally bigger when encoded into UU format and because it takes a certain amount of time (depending on your news client <-> proxy connection) to send data to your news client, when proxy progress indicator shows 100% it only means it has fully read post with yEnc encoded attachment, but not necessarily sent all the data to your news client).
  • Monitoring of "Client to yDecode" and "Server to yDecode" traffic via tray icon indicators.
  • Test Config option checks if your news account is properly configured for use with yDecode and also verifies the status of the connection to the newsgroups server.

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