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Main Menu

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  • Exit - Exits program.

Help menu

  • Help - Activates this help.

  • Activation - Available only in the registered version - Here you need to type your password required to activate the program. You get this password once you register yDecode (you also get all of the other benefits listed on the order page). This process is required only the first time you run full version of yDecode and it takes only a few moments. Only after the activation is completed full version of the software will be fully functional. You need to be connected to the Internet while this automatic process lasts and it takes only a few seconds.

    NOTE: Activation will "bind" yDecode to the computer where it was activated. If you reinstall the system or move yDecode to another computer, you will have to repeat the activation process (only once - first time you run it).

  • About - Displays some basic information about yDecode.

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