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Beginners - you can leave this list empty and everything will work correctly. You require this only if you connect to yDecode from more than one computer at once (e.g. yDecode is installed on one computer and accessed from another). In case you are running yDecode on a computer where you also run newsreader software such as Outlook Express, you don't have to edit this list at all - you may leave it empty and it will work.

The list of IP addresses shows allowed or explicitly disallowed addresses. By using Add / Edit / Remove and Arrow buttons you can do appropriate action on selected address. Simply click on the address you wish to edit and press appropriate button.

IP address (or localhost) is always allowed regardless of the list entries (even if the list is empty). This is no security breach because it allows access only to a computer where yDecode is started and none of the others.

NOTE: Demo version allows only connections from and from no other IP address. To remove this limitation please register and get full version!

IP filtering works like this: by default it blocks access from ALL IP addresses except those that are added as allowed and which is always allowed (even if it isn't in the list). If you wish to add a range of addresses you can use wildcards like * and -

The picture below shows an example connection from 3 computers running Outlook Express to the computer running yDecode. yDecode computer has IP address and it allows IP addresses to access it. All other IP addresses cannot access yDecode.

allow: 127.0.0.* for range from to
allow: 127.0.1-5.* for range from to (all possible combinations).

The rest of the addresses are denied!

There is use for deny as well:
deny: will explicitly deny access from this address
will allow all addresses from to except, which is denied above.

Note that in the above example order of addresses in the list is significant. If you, in this example, replaced order of allow: with deny: it will not work as expected because first the range from 1-10 will be allowed (including 5) and then deny won't have any purpose as it has already been allowed in the line above.

If you allow access to wrong IP addresses you may receive traffic from addresses you may not want to reach yDecode. They may consume your Internet bandwidth. You can always return to safe configuration by deleting all entries in the list.

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