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Logging Tab

This tab offers a choice of options to log client connections to yDecode and to log errors.

Client IP logging logs connections to yDecode and records time and IP addresses. You can for example verify your IP filtering list this way.

Error logging can help you if you are having some problem to determine what exactly is the cause of the problem. Also when reporting bugs it can help us developers to determine better what is going on.

You can use View log buttons to view the logs. If they don't work that means that the logs are empty or haven't recorded any events yet. You can also view logs manually - they are located in yDecode local settings folder (folder locations in the following table).

Windows version yDecode local settings folder
Windows Vista, Windows 7 C:\Users\{USERNAME}\AppData\Local\yDecode
Windows XP, Windows 2000 C:\Documents and Settings\{USERNAME}\Local Settings\Application Data\yDecode

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