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General options

Start minimized - Useful when starting automatically. It will not pop the window but rather show it only as a tray icon. You can pop the window later if required by clicking on the tray icon.

Stay on top - yDecode window will cover all other windows.

Run on system startup - When the system is (re)started yDecode will be started automatically with it.

Extra options

Resolve local server name - If you check this option, edit box named "local server name" in the servers tab will display the real name of a computer where yDecode is running (instead of "localhost"). On very slow connections resolving the name will make a short delay until the application becomes responsive again (it takes a while for the domain name server to respond with the actual name), otherwise in most cases it is instant.

Multipart cache expires in - Time for how long yDecode will store multipart cache in days. After this time passes, cache entries are considered old and automatically overwritten by new ones. We recommend you keep this value low - 3 days is usually enough for most needs. Higher values may slow down your system and store cache entries for too long time.

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