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yDecode 1.68 released (important release notes)
« on: January 29, 2010, 01:46:34 AM »
yDecode 1.68 has been released.

Although this is named as a minor update, the update is all but minor. There are a lot of improvements to the code and only the most important changes are outlined below. Following are a few additional notes on these.

First of all, the way how the settings are stored has changed. We could not avoid it because we wanted to add new features and to make the program more compatible with various Windows versions. Therefore, full uninstall is highly recommended - mainly to avoid errors on uninstall and also to avoid having some of the files kept on your disk after the uninstallation has finished (as uninstaller has also changed).

To support users that switched to Windows 7 we added Windows Live Mail support in Auto-Config. yDecode worked before with Windows Live Mail too as it is compatible with a number of newsreaders, but this should make things easier for all of us. Older version could mangle Windows Mail accounts because it didn't support Unicode and it did a simple conversion of data to plain text. It worked properly on all accounts that used English-only but mangled all non-English characters so if you're somewhere in the US it probably worked well for you but maybe didn't for someone in Europe for example. Anyway, with full Unicode support this version fixes that and also improves accounts detection with both Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail so you can now easily configure them for our yEnc decoder.

Success and error messages that are reported at the end of the Auto-Config wizard are carefully picked and written to make them easy to understand and as much informative as they can be. There is also wider range of these messages and they are not as generalized as they used to be but much more specific to inform you about the exact state you have on your system.

Here is how the new wizard looks like (use Auto-Config button to start it):

Download demo on download page and full version on registered user page.

Note for users of Windows 95/98/Me: yDecode no longer works on Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows Me due to lack of Unicode support on these older operating systems. Microsoft no longer supports them (support for Windows Me ended on July 11, 2006) so it makes no sense to maintain new yDecode versions for these systems. Please upgrade to at least Windows 2000 (we recommend Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7) to use this new version or download yDecode 1.63 here which works well on Windows 95/98/Me. We still offer limited user support for yDecode 1.63 but generally we don't recommend it. Installer will warn you if you're installing this on Windows 95/98/Me but will not stop you from doing so (we don't like programs to be "too smart" and fail to offer human selected choice where that could be required).

Changes since last release:

yDecode 1.68:

  • added a wizard for selection of supported newsreaders (click on Auto-Config)
  • added support for Windows Live Mail and Outlook Express identities (older version supported only "main identity")
  • fixed a number of shortcomings and bugs in relation to Auto-Config (support for Unicode in accounts, bugs with account detection etc.)
  • improved reporting and very carefully picked error messages for Auto-Config for easier understanding of wizard success or error messages
  • added large program icon compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7
  • a lot of code refactoring to prepare for new features
  • program settings are now saved in current user local settings directory instead of program installation directory on all Windows
  • some other setting values have changed to add new features
  • due to setting changes full uninstall is highly recommended before installing this version instead of just doing an upgrade

Download demo on download page and full version on registered user page.
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