Author Topic: FORUM RULES - READ THIS FIRST  (Read 18690 times)


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« on: May 30, 2006, 05:55:34 PM »
Feel free to sign up and ask any questions about our software or this web site. We will reply to you quickly. If you want to use the forum as alternative means to contact us but you've sent us emails (i.e. if you don't receive emails from us), have in mind that we did reply to all your emails, only sometimes they end up in spam or bulk folder - so you have to look them up in these folders - unfortunately, we can't do much about that - but we reply each and every email we get! We also reply with at least 2 copies of replies from different email providers to make sure that at least one of them passes spam filters. Anyway, if email fails, forum is here.

You cannot use program registration username for forum access. Forum is separate from that - if you registered but want to use the forum, you require an additional (free) sign-up to the forum as well. Look for register link above to sign up.

Do not post your personal details (e.g. username/password/email/credit card number etc.) on the forum! If we see something personal we will cut it out from your message to protect your privacy.

Forum rules:

1. No advertising, spam, junk links (subject to automated or manual deletion of user and related posts)
2. Be polite to other users
3. Don't swear
4. Answer other people's questions if you are competent in that area
5. Announce problems with your newsgroup server (if you discover you're experiencing one) - it may help other users reading this forum
6. Post tips on Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, yDecode, Easy Post, yEnc, Usenet or anything related to any of those.

If you want to write a good tutorial that can also fit into "articles" section, we can arrange a free yDecode registration - contact us and let us know.
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