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This message will be updated with provider-related issues. Look here if you use some of the given providers to see if there is a know issue with them. If you see an error in this page, please contact us and let us know so we can update this.


UPDATED NOTE: AT&T doesn't offer alt.binaries access anymore. Click here to view a good alternative server.

AT&T news server ( for DSL users and for dial-up users) is one of the rare ones that requires SSL connection. Automatic configuration wizard takes that into account so if possible follow that route. If you are configuring yDecode manually make sure that the following configuration is met:

1. The appropriate server name must be typed into the NNTP Server Name box in yDecode
2. SSL checkbox needs to be checked in yDecode
3. yDecode Remote Port needs to be 563 (standard port for SSL)
4. In Outlook Express (or Windows Mail) news account settings - set the server name to localhost and uncheck the SSL setting. Unchecking the SSL will change the port number to standard which is 119. Make sure that the same value is in yDecode Local Port setting. By default, yDecode should already have Local Port setting set to 119 therefore that should work.


Cox news server is determined by your location - take a look here:

Select your location from the drop-down menu on above link and depending on your location your server may be or - So on the above page, select your location and that will give you the appropriate server name you should use. This is the server name that goes into NNTP Server Name box in yDecode. Cox news server is a standard one and uses port 119 for connection so that is also the value you need in yDecode (it is a default value).

Shaw cable users (Canada)

Shaw uses alias names like mail, news, shawmail or shawnews for accessing their mail and news servers. As yDecode needs news server name as well you might experience a problem when connecting to such server names like news or shawnews (mail is not affected as yDecode doesn't work with email). If you have problems - please try to replace the names like news or shawnews with fully qualified server name as suggested on this page:

Simply select the area which is closest to your location and read the server name. For example if you live in Calgary - you should use as server name instead of shawnews or news. Have in mind that the tool above will only give you server names for shawmail so you have to replace the first part shawmail with shawnews like in this example. Use the given server name in yDecode of course.
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